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67th Annual Congress of UIA – 25-29 October 2023 in Rome


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3 November 2023

Clémence Colin and Thomas Ricard were speakers at the 67th Annual Congress of UIA, held between October 25th and 29th 2023 in Rome.

  • Clémence Colin took part in the “Labor Law” commission on the topic of whistleblower protection in labor law, in the context of the European Union Whistleblowing Directive and the Sapin 2 and Waserman laws in France, alongside Christoph Scheubel, Nathalie Subilia, Luca Demurtas, Bénédicte Querenet-Hahn, and moderated by Ulrich Baumann.
  • Thomas Ricard took part in the “food industry” commission on the theme of food labeling and safety, alongside Wei Song and Carlos Ramirez.

Thanks to all the participants for these instructive exchanges and to the UIA for organizing this Congress!


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