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Consumer – Regulatory – Advertising Law


Consumer - Regulatory - Advertising Law

Publication date

25 February 2014

J.P. Karsenty & Associés regularly intervenes in litigating and resolving advertising disputes, and advises its clients who wish to launch advertising
campaigns as well as in contracts negotiation with advertising agencies.

J.P. Karsenty & Associés advises and assists companies in their dealings with consumers vis-à-vis the various regulatory provisions in the field of consumer law, in particular through drafting terms and conditions of sale and warranty terms and conditions, and by representing its clients before the courts.

– Comparative advertising

– Deceptive and misleading advertising

– B to C relationship (physical commerce and e-commerce): product warranties, labelling, promotional operations, games, contests, etc.

– Unfair business practices

– Advertising agency contracts

Lawyers practising in this field: Martine Karsenty-Ricard, Linda Capoano-Le Pen, Béatrice Moreau-Margotin, Jean-Philippe Arroyo, Clémence Colin, Maïa Merli, Tristan Montaigne, Nathalie Tourrette, Thomas Ricard, Inès Ferras, Alexandra Taquet, Pierre Trusson


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