In the course of its activities, any company is nowadays confronted with the need to conclude contracts in the field of IT and internet communication services. Maintenance, subcontracting, hosting, outsourcing or cloud computing agreements are all examples of agreements that can be designed and structured by our lawyers.

In order to guarantee the best possible protection, technical specificities of such contracts have to be grasped from a legal point of view. 

The firm has been working for many years with clients in the field of IT, internet communication and new technologies, and has acquired a recognised practice in drafting and negotiating contracts.

The IT contracts team is headed by Jean-Philippe Arroyo, who is also a member of the « Association pour le Développement de l'Informatique Juridique » (ADIJ) and the « Association Française des Correspondants à la Protection des Données Personnelles » (A.F.C.D.P.).

Legal works in this area

Contractual – Consultancy

  • Analysis of the IT service provided by a company and drafting of contracts or general terms and conditions of sale intended to its customers
  • Analysis of the IT service needed by a company and drafting or negotiating the appropriate contract with the IT service provider
  • Drafting and negotiating all types of contracts in the field of IT, new technologies and internet communication
  • Software development, assignment or licensing contracts, website or mobile application development contracts, maintenance or application maintenance contracts, website or database hosting contracts, or integration contracts.

Prelitigation – Litigation

  • Analysis of failures in the performance of an IT contract and determination of the risks related to a possible legal dispute concerning the performance of the contract or the contractual liability
  • Drafting of formal notices and letters in reply to formal notices relating to the non-performance or bad performance of an IT contract
  • Drafting of any act relating to the termination of IT contracts and contractual liability

Track records

  • Assisting a company in the negotiation and drafting of a development contract for its future website
  • Drafting of general terms of use for a company operating a mobile application
  • Assisting a company in the negotiation and drafting of a maintenance and hosting contract for its website
  • Drafting of template contracts for a company specialized in the development of websites
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