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Olympic Games 2024 – Strengthening security in sports venues


Legal watch

Publication date

15 February 2023

Tickets – In order to avoid a repetition of the incidents that took place during the Champions League football final at the Stade de France in May 2022, the senators are calling for the issuance of nominative, dematerialised and forgery-proof tickets by organisers for the most important sporting events.

Security checks – In addition to tightening controls for delegations and service providers accessing competition and celebration sites, the bill provides that security checks in sports venues may be carried out by body scanners.

Body scanners will only be used with the consent of the persons being checked, who will be subject to another control device if they refuse.

Trespassing at groundsMore severe penalties have been introduced in this area. Thus, more systematic use of judicial stadium bans is foreseen, as well as an increase in the fine to 3,750 euros in case of intrusion into sports venues.

These various provisions will have to be accompanied by an increase in the resources allocated to the recruitment of security agents, law enforcement officers and magistrates.


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