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Olympic Games 2024 – Measures relating to athletes’ health


Legal watch

Publication date

15 February 2023

Health centre – The bill aims to adapt the system for providing care and first aid to athletes through a health centre in the Olympic and Paralympic Village.

It should be noted that health professionals who are not usually able to practice in France will be able to practice there and take care of the delegations at the competition sites.

Doping – In compliance with the requirements of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the text provides for the temporary authorisation of new analysis techniques.

These include the examination of genetic characteristics in order to search for a genetic mutation of a gene involved in performance leading to the endogenous production of a prohibited substance, the administration of homologous blood, and genetic manipulation likely to modify somatic characteristics in order to improve performance (Article 4 of the bill).

The French anti-doping laboratory will thus be able to carry out tests to detect non-coding and coding markers from samples taken from athletes (Pierre Januel, Une loi pour adapter le droit aux Jeux olympiques, Dalloz actualité, January 27th 2023).

This will facilitate exchanges between the Tracfin intelligence service (Intelligence processing and action against clandestine financial circuits – intelligence service under the authority of the Ministry of Economy and Finance) and the French Anti-Doping Agency.

The desire to improve exchanges between the State’s anti-doping services is also reflected in the coordination of the security forces.

The creation of the operational security coordination centre (CCOS), which was recently inaugurated within the Paris police prefecture, responds to this approach. It should be noted in this respect that the police prefect is presented as being solely responsible for public order in the Ile-de-France during the Olympic Games.

The bill also provides for the introduction of a video surveillance system enhanced by artificial intelligence, intended to support the security forces.


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