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Seminar on Flex Work, International Litigation and Assets Transactions – AIJA October 2016


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Publication date

28 October 2016

Thomas RICARD and Clémence COLIN have participated, as members of the Organizing Committee, in the triple seminar « Flex Work, International Litigation and Assets Transactions » located in Lille from 13th to 15th October 2016 in the framework of AIJA (International Association of Young Lawyers), with international lawyers.

Employment law

The seminar in employment law dealt with “Flex work” (“Flex work: how far is it flexible?”), and more particularly with global variations on traditional employment relationship models.

Clémence COLIN gave a presentation on the “legal right to disconnect”. New technologies have had a significant impact on employment relationships, in particular on employees work time. The legal measures of French law of August 8th 2016 have been analyzed, with a focus on employees working a given number of days per year without any hourly reference.

Litigation and commercial fraud

The seminar in litigation and commercial fraud dealt with the taking of evidence in an international framework and with the complex issues raised by transnational litigation.

Thomas RICARD gave a presentation of the taking of evidence. His presentation notably dealt with blocking statutes and the use of evidence obtained illegally.


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