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Personal injury

JP Karsenty has historically acted for British insurance companies in their French operations and has developed a practice of assisting its clients in personal injury claims, both for insurance companies and individuals. 

The firm assists the victims, the responsible third parties or the insurers in all types of cases, including

  • Traffic accidents;
  • Sports accidents;
  • Life Accidents;
  • Accidents resulting from defective products;
  • Medical accidents;
  • Workplace injuries;
  • Offences against physical integrity;
  • Terrorist attacks.

JP Karsenty assists its clients in the litigation or amicable settlement of disputes. It assists them in judicial or amicable expert appraisals, and represents them before all French courts.

The firm also acts in cross-border litigation. In this respect, JP Karsenty regularly assists foreign nationals, in particular British nationals who have been, during their stay in France, victims or authors of a personal injury. Moreover, the firm regularly acts as an expert before foreign courts.  

Paul Ricard, Thomas Ricard and Camille Perrier are members of the Pan European Organization of Personal Injury Lawyers (PEOPIL), an international organization of lawyers practicing personal injury law

Legal works in this area

  • Assistance in the amicable settlement of disputes;
  • Assistance during amicable and judicial expertises;
  • Representation and assistance before the French courts;
  • Intervention as an expert in foreign jurisdictions.

Track records

  • Representation and assistance of French and British individuals in the context of compensation for personal injury suffered in France;
  • Representation and assistance of an insurance company and its insured in legal proceedings before the French courts;
  • Representation and assistance of a British national and his insurer in a civil liability dispute relating to an accident that occurred in France;
  • Representation and assistance of a British national and his dependents in a medical accident in France;
  • Intervention as an expert before a British court.
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