Litigation and risk management

Product liability

The emergence of the consumer society and large-scale industrialization have multiplied the products offered to consumers. This has been accompanied by increased and increasingly complex regulations put in place by administrative authorities to protect consumers.

Today, the responsibility of manufacturers and distributors with regard to their products placed on the market is regularly called into question as soon as these products are defective or present a safety defect, regardless of the industry sector (food processing, luxury goods, energy, automobile, transport, construction, etc.).

JP Karsenty has developed a recognized expertise to advise its clients in order to comply with applicable regulations (labeling, duty of information, compliance...) and to anticipate the resulting risks. 

Our team also intervenes in litigation before the courts to assist its clients in the various legal issues that arise, such as contractual and tort liability, product liability, warranty of conformity in the sale of consumer goods or warranty of hidden defects. 

Our lawyers are also surrounded by experts in various sectors in order to assist them in the technical issues that may arise during legal appraisals.

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Product Liability - Recommended 

Legal works in this area

Contractual – Consulting

  • Drafting of general terms and conditions of sale and services governing the use of products and services by the user;
  • Drafting of contractual documents governing legal guarantees and contractual guarantees offered by companies
  • Analysis of a client’s recall campaigns;
  • Strategic analysis of press releases;

Litigation :

  • Product Liability Action;
  • Liability action for latent defects;
  • Liability action based on a breach of the pre-contractual information and advice obligation ;
  • Representation during amicable and judicial expertises.

Track records

  • Represented a foreign company in a product liability action – defective auto part;
  • Representation of a French company in a liability action for latent defects – adverse effect of a veterinary drug;
  • Representation of a foreign company in a dispute over an alleged breach of a pre-contractual duty to advise;
  • Representation of a French company in a serial damage case – distribution of insulating panels.
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