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Foreign investment control

The year 2020 was characterized by major developments in the control of foreign investment, both at the European and national levels.

Moreover, the health crisis has increased the use of existing control mechanisms to oppose foreign investments in certain strategic sectors.

JP Karsenty's teams are mobilized to provide their clients with in-depth and extensive expertise regarding the procedures of control for foreign investments they may receive or make, whether they are French stakeholders active in sectors considered as strategic or foreign investors in France. 

The firm assists its clients in understanding and dealing with the law and procedures relating to foreign investment control.

The Foreign Investment Control team is headed by Jean-Philippe Arroyo and is composed of senior and junior associates.

Legal works in this area

  • Support and assistance for foreign investment control procedures in sectors subject to prior authorization
  • Analysis of the operation and of the possible application of French and European regulations to the operation
  • Preparation of the application file for prior authorization of the operation
  • Exchanges with the French and European authorities in charge of controlling foreign investments
  • Assistance in the context of European cooperation procedures for the filtering of foreign investments (sectors in which foreign investments are likely to undermine security or public order are subject to filtering measures in the Member States)

Track records

  • Support and assistance to a foreign company in its procedures with the Ministry of Economy and Finance concerning a planned investment in the aerospace sector
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