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In a context of deep digital transformation of the economy, online commerce is a vector of growth for economic actors. Permanent regulatory and legislative changes, at the European and national levels, make legal issues more and more numerous and difficult to understand and respect. 

The firm assists companies in their digital transformation and helps them to legally secure their activity while taking into account the standards applicable to them.  Our team works with large digital companies as well as with start-ups or scale-ups. They can be matchmaking platforms, car manufacturers, or even ready-to-wear companies.

The e-commerce team is managed by Jean-Philippe Arroyo who is also a member of the « Association pour le Développement de l'Informatique Juridique » (ADIJ) and of the « Association Française des Correspondants à la Protection des Données Personnelles » (AFCDP).

The E-Commerce team is recognized in numerous rankings for its expertise.

Ranking Décideurs Magazine 2022 :

Internet - Recommended
IT, software & digital projects - Highly recommended
Advertising law & Marketing - Highly recommended
Personal data law - Highly recommended


Legal works in this area

  • Implementation of contractual documentation for merchant websites: (CGU, CGV B to B, CGV B to C)
  • Audit of merchant sites (review of contractual documentation, compliance with regulations on personal data, misleading and abusive commercial practices, mandatory mentions, promotional operations, contests, etc.)
  • Compliance with regulations relating to electronic contracts concluded at distance, particularly with consumers (electronic contracts, misleading commercial practices, abusive clauses, mandatory mentions, promotional operations, competitions, etc.)
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations relating to personal data (privacy policy, cookies, contact forms, website audit, analysis and negotiation of contracts with service providers, personal data protection clauses, studies of issues relating to personal data protection, formalities with the CNIL)
  • Drafting of contractual documentation for online platforms and audit (referencing and ranking policy, customer review policy, social and tax obligations, etc.)
  • Review, negotiation and drafting of contracts with third-party providers (hosting provider, payment provider, maintenance provider, etc.)
  • Drafting and negotiation of contracts in the IT and internet field (software licenses, SaaS contracts, etc.)
  • Litigation (unfair competition, parasitism, DGCCRF control, CNIL controls, contractual non-performance, liability actions and requests for identification of publishers and hosts of websites, internet service providers, etc.)

Track records

  • Drafting of all contractual and personal data documentation of a merchant site in the field of liquors (BtoB, BtoC, Data Protection Policy)
  • Review of the referencing and ranking policies of a cars importer
  • Complete review of the personal data protection policy of a start-up
  • Analysis of the business model of a platform with regard to the regulations applicable to platforms and drafting of the contractual documentation (referencing policy, ranking policy, customer review policy, B to B T&Cs and B to C T&Cs and Terms of use, data protection policy)
  • Compliance of the e-commerce site of the French subsidiary of an Italian fashion company with applicable French regulations
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