Litigation and risk management

Business Criminal Law

JP Karsenty assists and represents its clients at all stages of the proceedings (investigation, trial, judgment) in matters of economic and financial offenses. 

Combining a developed know-how in common law criminal proceedings and a fine knowledge of the business world, the firm offers its clients a rigorous and efficient expertise in business criminal litigation.

The diversity of the firm's specialties and the exchanges between all of the firm's divisions allow for a comprehensive approach to the economic and financial issues of our clients' cases. This transversality of expertise allows us to perfectly understand the issues at stake and to provide a defence adapted to the clients’ needs.  

Our activity covers both the prevention of criminal risk, the management of litigation, and the conduct of internal investigations. 

JP Karsenty also acts before regulatory authorities such as the AMF, the DGCCRF, the Customs Administration and the Tax Administration.  

JP Karsenty's criminal team also advises companies and their managers on criminal risk prevention and compliance issues. 

As soon as a criminal risk emerges, the firm intervenes and assists its clients during the pre-litigation phase of the proceedings (labour inspection investigations, internal investigation, customs department, etc.).

The criminal business law team is led by Matthieu Chirez and Thomas Ricard, former secretaries of the Conference. 

They are accompanied by a team consisting of a senior associate and a junior associate. 

Legal works in this area

  • Assistance and representation of natural and legal persons – defendants or victims – of fraud, breach of trust, money laundering;
  • Assistance and representation of managers implicated in practices of abuse of corporate assets;
  • Assistance and representation of elected officials and natural persons accused of corruption, influence peddling, illegal interest taking, favouritism;
  • Assistance and representation of natural persons implicated or victims of tax fraud, counterfeiting, stock market offences, deceptive commercial practices;
  • Assistance and representation of individuals and companies who are victims of criminal offenses related to cybercrime: crimes and offenses arising from the evolution of new technologies (phishing, fraudulent intrusion, attack on an automated data processing system, etc.) but also more “common” crimes and offenses related to the Internet (fraud, identity theft, racist or xenophobic acts, harassment on the Internet, counterfeiting, violation of private correspondence, defamation, online gambling, etc.).

Track records

  • Advice to a large laboratory analysis group;
  • Counsel to individuals implicated in money laundering practices;
  • Counsel to a large distribution group, victim of repeated frauds;
  • Counsel to a defendant accused of fraud, usurpation of appellation of origin and deception in the wine industry.
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