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Litigation and risk management

Mediation and alternative dispute resolution

Alternative dispute resolution methods had grown significantly and has become an essential part of the approach to litigation. Less costly than a traditional trial, it allows a quicker and more confidential treatment of the dispute while keeping in mind a certain logic of equity and negotiation. 

JP Karsenty explores all possible ways to resolve a conflict and advises his clients on the most appropriate method with pragmatism.

JP Karsenty intervenes in transactional negotiations and mediation/conciliation prior to a litigation. Mediation by our lawyers is possible at any stage of the dispute as well as assistance in drafting amicable resolution clauses. 

JP Karsenty assists its clients upstream in the negotiation of contractual clauses for the settlement of disputes before or during the proceedings and assists them in the mediation process, in the choice of the mediator, the drafting of agreements and their application.

Legal works in this area

Alternative dispute resolution

  • Transaction
  • Mediation
  • Conciliation
  • Participatory procedure

Track records

  • Mediation in labor law in the context of a dispute over the termination of an employment contract in a context of moral harassment.
  • A patent law mediation initiated following an infringement and unfair competition action.
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