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Facing the changes within the company in terms of organization, remote practices, and structure, the relationship with employees in the company, and the role of managers are changing. The impact on labour relationships is significant in companies of all sizes. Today, more than ever, it is essential to be accompanied to face the new challenges of competitiveness and evolution of collaboration within companies, both on the strategic and operational levels.

In this context, being able to address a team who knows how to combine technical expertise and knowledge of the business world is a real asset.

The firm has a team specialized in labour law, whose expertise is based on a precise and constantly updated knowledge of labour legislation and its evolution, as well as of the collective bargaining agreements.

The team led by Clémence Colin, member of an association of corporate lawyers, of the European Employment Lawyers Association and of the Labour Law Commission of the International Association of Young Lawyers, mainly advises French companies and foreign groups, in particular Italian brands representing excellence in France, as well as business federations and associations.

The members of the team have relevant experience both in litigation, which has enabled them to develop an in-depth knowledge of national jurisdictions and their practices, and upstream advice for the identification and management of the risks. The firm assists Legal departments and Human resources departments in matters of individual and collective relations, and assists them in sensitive matters such as employee health and safety obligations.

The team masters the codes, customs and practices of the luxury, fashion, ready-to-wear, clothing and distribution sectors and enhances its experience by adopting a pragmatic vision that takes into account the operational aspects of each case.

Legal works in this area

Collective labour relationships

  • Negotiation, drafting and implementation of company collective agreements
  • Determination and application of branch collective bargaining agreements
  • Professional elections
  • Operation of staff representative bodies daily and exceptional operations
  • Assistance in relations with the labour administration (labour inspection, DREETS, occupational doctor, etc.)

Individual labour relations

  • Hiring: determination of the appropriate recruitment according to the company’s needs (permanent contract, fixed-term contract, temporary employment, services agreement, wage portage, etc.)
  • Negotiation, drafting and modification of sensitive clauses in the employment contract (mobility, working time, non-competition)
  • Individual and collective remuneration policy (MBO) and social benefits
  • Management of events affecting the employment relationship (contract modification, disciplinary law, internal transfers)
  • Professional training
  • Termination of the employment contract: assessment of the social and tax regime of termination indemnities
  • Management of individual and collective employment contract terminations: conventional termination, dismissal (personal, economic, physical inability), resignation


  • Assistance in situations of moral/sexual harassment
  • Pre-litigation and judicial strategy
  • Litigation on the opinions of the occupational doctor
  • Individual and collective litigation in labour and social security law

Corporate restructuring and reorganization

  • Total or partial transfer of activity, changes in the legal situation of the employer
  • Collective status
  • Information and consultation procedures of the staff representative bodies
  • Relationship with the internal and external actors of the operation (CSE, unions, employees, experts, administration, labor inspection)

International mobility

  • Posting of employees
  • Transfer of employees between foreign entities of the group and harmonization of employment contracts

Social compliance

  • Social audit, health and safety at work, discrimination, psychosocial risks, ethics, CSR
  • Internal regulations, mandatory and recommended charters

Status and remuneration of company directors

  • Combining employment contracts and corporate mandate
  • Negotiation of status, compensation and severance clauses
  • Delegation of authority
  • Litigation of the termination of the corporate mandate

Social protection

  • Social security, health and welfare insurance, retirement
  • Work accident / professional disease / inexcusable fault

Track records

  • Assistance to an international fashion group in the reorganization of its structures in France with the transfer of 250 employees between two entities of the group, change of the main business activity of the host company and change of the collective status
  • Assistance in the implementation of a harmonized working time between the members companies of a federation in the wine sector by collective company agreements with the implementation of fixed day rates for executives and monthly fixed hourly rates with rest compensations for non-executives
  • Assistance to an Italian company within the framework of a control of the labour inspector on the modalities of secondment of employees in France
  • Litigation on the requalification of a service agreement performed in France on behalf of an international group in the luxury sector
  • Assistance to an international group in a complex litigation concerning the requalification of an employment contract as a VRP and the request for recognition of occupational disease and inexcusable fault
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